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Together, let's stand in solidarity with refugees

The association "Solidarité Côte des Légendes" is dedicated to welcoming refugees on the territory of the Pays de Lesneven.
The purpose of the association is to jointly take its part in the reception of persons of foreign nationality or stateless persons, seeking asylum, refugees or in difficulty, at the level of the community of municipalities of the Pays de Lesneven, Côte des Legends:


  • To seek accommodation solutions for them and submit them to the validation of the competent authorities

  • To support the people received mainly in the following areas: administrative procedures, information on life in France, schooling of children, learning the French language.

  • To activate our traditions of solidarity, mutual aid in favor of the people received

  • To carry out awareness-raising actions.

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The latest news... 

To read the report, click on the title.





To consult other information, click here: some news from the association

current financial needs

current financial needs

current financial needs

- Financing housing for a Chechen family: a couple and 7 children 

- Financing housing for an Armenian family: 4 adults and 3 children 

Material and housing needs

- Housing in the Lesneven region - even in poor condition 


- Accommodation for a couple


- A sewing machine

- A car without a license


- A men's bike +

bike rain gear


- A laptop in good condition

- Premature or newborn girl's layette

- Firewood

The human needs of the moment

-  A person to ensure the administrative follow-up of an undocumented couple: request for regularization
- Ditto for a family

- Also to accompany 2 isolated people.
- a person to make conversation in French

- Accompaniment of a young person in his application for a residence permit

Nos besoins

- Participate in the medical expenses of the beneficiaries

Our events

3rd Thursday of the month

Information sharing open to volunteers, sympathizers and curious people.  

Sharing information is this monthly meeting to share information and keep abreast of the news of the association and the refugees we support. 


Come many: it's always a nice moment, there's a lot to do and share!

at 8 p.m. 

Location communicated on Facebook or by email (subscribe to the mailing list)

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September, exact date to be determined

Film-debate organized as part of the week of solidarity.

Do you know a film/documentary on the theme of solidarity, reception, migration? 

We are waiting for your movie suggestions for that evening! 


time and place to be defined



Journée des solidarités organisée dans le cadre de la semaine de la solidarité.

A cette occasion, Solidarité Côte des Légendes sera présente lors de la journée des Solidarités. 

Au programme ? Stands d'associations locales, restauration sur place, porte ouverte du coffre à jouets, et même un concert ! 

Nous vous attendons nombreux à l'occasion cet évènement !


date et lieu à venir

Voir l'événement
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Samedi 23 mars 

à 9h30

à la salle Balan de la maison d'accueil de Lesneven

Assemblée générale 2024 

Une belle occasion de : 
- se retrouver et faire un peu plus connaissance : vos amis sont bienvenus !
- renouveler votre adhésion si ce n’est pas déjà fait ! Payer son adhésion en ligne ici.
- suivre le bilan moral et financier, promis on ne sera pas trop long !
- élire le Conseil Collégial
- échanger sur les thèmes qui nous préoccupent

Pour clôturer la rencontre, un pot de l'amitié vous sera offert !
Nous vous attendons très nombreux ! 😉

A family gets their papers!

After 11 years spent in France, in very precarious conditions, the C. family obtained subsidiary protection, and finally the right to be able to work! What a relief and also what a journey...

A birth to come

A. arrived as a minor in France in 2016, he is passing his professional baccalaureate and is already working in personal assistance. He announced to us that he will soon be a dad.
We have supported him well for the past 3 years.
Nice to see that he can now take off... Congratulations to him for his integration ;-)

Father and son at work

After a first season in 2020 on a farm, they gave total satisfaction and are back this year! Appreciated for their kindness and their energy at work, they can thus meet the needs of their families. The job is also good news for morale!

A new family in Kernouës

Arriving in France at the end of 2017, she had to leave Armenia following violence, a question of survival... We couldn't find accommodation for them. The priests of Lesneven, sensitive to the reception of the most fragile, proposed the presbytery while waiting to find a more lasting solution. Phew!

The good news ! :)  

Contact Solidarity coast of legends

1 Place de la Mairie 29890 Plounéour-Brignogan-Plage

06 74 02 87 25 (in the evening)

Thank you for what you sent !

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