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Get information: 

> Migrant Info: click here

>  Brittany Reception and Orientation Center (CAO) info: click here 

> Resource center on unaccompanied foreign minors: click here

> People in Exile : understanding & helping migrants, asylum seekers and refugees: click here

> Survival guide against prejudice against refugees: click here


The partners

Many actors are mobilizing for the cause on the territory! We work hand in hand to offer a dignified welcome to these accompanied people. 

Welcome and support:  

Digemer : Brest association

Power supply: 

Les Restos du Coeur

Education - schooling: 


The red cross: in Lesneven  
Flax flower 
The town halls that help us: click here

Des piles de livres

Other links

National organizations  

La Cimade
France Land of Asylum

The Red Cross  

Regional organizations

Utopia 56

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