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Become a volunteer

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There are a thousand ways to lend a hand by being a volunteer, you are never alone, you join a team that guides you. The association is very participatory and everyone does what they can according to their availability and according to their desires.  

Support families
Asylum seekers, refugees or rejected asylum seekers, they need you to:
. Look for vacant, free or low-rent housing, and if necessary help them restore the premises.
. Driving them for food aid and going to appointments.
. Accompany children in their schooling, teach them French, help them in their health procedures, and promote their integration.
. Guide them in their many administrative procedures.

Accompany minors! 
Whatever their reception situation, they are very fragile and need reference points. You can play a role:
. Welcome them as a family to share days, weekends or short stays during the holidays.
. Propose outings to help them discover our culture
. Mobilize to accommodate a young person in turn.
. Teach them French and help them with their administrative procedures.
Accompany them on the legal aspect for their application for a residence permit

Raise awareness, communicate, animate!
Participate in forums, debate evenings
Meet local elected officials and actors
Communicate and share information on social networks
Organize collections or events to recover donations.
Cooperate with Brest associations and collectives (Digemer, Solami, ADJIM, etc.) 

Facilitate the functioning of the association:
Manage finances
Plan and coordinate actions
Make meeting minutes


To give money

Don d'argent.JPG

Solidarity is also exercised thanks to your donations, each donation is a real encouragement, so a BIG THANK YOU to you!

To donate:
-     the easiest way is to make a transfer to our account. The monthly transfer is a good solution because it gives visibility over time
-     check and cash are possible of course
-     soon you will be able to make a donation by credit card on this site via the Hello Asso platform at no cost.
-     In all cases, please specify your contact details

Good to know, the association is recognized as being of general interest:
-     You are a taxable individual or business manager, your donation entitles you to a significant tax reduction...

-     You make a donation of €100> the association sends you a receipt> the state deducts your tax of €75> your donation cost €25
-    You make a donation of €500> the association sends you a receipt> the state deducts your tax of €375 > Your donation cost €125


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Offer accommodation


The Solidarité Côte des Légendes association regularly searches for accommodation to rent or make available.

  • The association provides all the guarantees: insurance, deposit, lease.

  • Several rooms are often necessary in order to accommodate families with several children.

  • The proximity of schools (kindergarten, primary, college) and public transport is a big plus.

  • accommodation, even dilapidated, which could benefit from a little refurbishment before renting may be suitable.

Become a citizen host

Repas gastronomique

to be a host family

Donate material

Don de vêtements et d'objets

Explain our needs, and collections...

Propose a work or internship plan

Entretien d'embauche

> Are you the manager of a company?

Discover the TESE : Titre Emploi Service Entreprise! It allows companies to simply employ staff who will carry out tasks different from the main activity: cleaning, maintenance of premises and/or green spaces, painting, etc.

> You are an individual and you are looking for someone for small jobs? 

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   cleaning, childcare, ironing…

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   gardening, painting, cleaning, masonry…

The CESU (Universal Service Employment Check) can be used on a regular or occasional basis, for part-time or full-time work at home for personal service activities. It is a reporting device.

> Are you an association? 
The CEA (Chèque Emploi Associatif) allows associations to carry out, with ease, the administrative formalities related to the employment of employees in order to promote
  employment in the associative environment.

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Devenir hébergeur citoyen


A cultural and human exchange at school

“When the K. family arrived at our school, with their 6 children to be educated, the educational team mobilized. Bonds have been created not only with parents and children but also with SCDL volunteers. We have lived together during these 2 years of strong moments, moments of doubts also, disappointments, hopes but a lot of warmth and exchanges.

I remember this special moment when, to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the mother invited all the adults in the school to share the meal. We found ourselves with 13 school colleagues in this small living room in front of a table overflowing with Chechen dishes. A very moving moment of cultural and human exchange! »

Fabrice (Ploudaniel school teacher)

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Name, title


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