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The association

Birth and life of the Association "Solidarité Côte des Légendes

> October 2, 2015
This date is announced in the local information newspaper (Bim) of Plounéour. A few residents, moved by the distress of Dylan's father, taking this lifeless body out of the Mediterranean, contact the municipality. Their wish is to help this population fleeing wars, famine, misery. ..
At this 1st meeting, led by the municipality, about twenty people and ten elected officials are present.

End of 2015 to June 2016: actions taken:
-Our goal is to expand our network and make ourselves known in the neighboring municipalities.
-Setting up monthly meetings in Goulven, Plouider, Brignogan...
-Collecting information from associations that already exist
-Get to know and contact the different personalities who can help us find accommodation: CIAS, Town halls, Parish ensemble.
-Meeting with the MP and screening of the film "And if it were Us" at Tom's in Lesneven.
-Participation in meetings organized by DIGEMER in Brest (Hospitality network for asylum seekers in Brest)


What organization for the collective? Stay in a Collective or form an Association.
- Some people want to stay in a collective but the majority vote for an association, the collegial association is then created.

-Research of documents and presentation of the statutes to the prefecture on February 29, 2016, publication in the Official Journal on April 22, 2016 .

July 2016 to July 2017
-Writing flyers to make yourself known
-Participation in local festivals
-Search for vacant accommodation
- Welcoming the young people of Don Bosco for days of relaxation
-Families take turns welcoming 1 or 2 young people into their homes ( citizen reception )


Summer 2017
-Arrival of our migrants:
– An Albanian family of 5 in Plouider
– A family from Mongolia 2 adults and 4 children in Plounéour then in Lesneven
Since then we have welcomed and helped 10 families and several young people. We had to roll up our sleeves and
to act. We gained experience, some easy, some a little
less (housing, food, access to health, education, follow-up of files in the prefecture, etc.)
So many enriching friendships and encounters!

- The association is in collegial form, the office is made up of 9 members without a president, each puts his skills at the service of all and it works.

- We meet twice a month:

> 1 time during the Collegial Council, between members of the office to discuss the various projects in progress

> 1 time during the Sharing of information open to all members,   volunteers, and the curious to take stock of the families welcomed, both on very concrete material points and on a more global.

- Volunteers take turns every week to take one person from each family to the Restos du Coeur. Others (or the same ones) drive them to the social grocery store of the Community of Communes, or to the Fleur de Lin Association for clothes. Each family is supported by 2 or 3 volunteers who keep in touch. A few people come home for French lessons.


Our organization

Logo +  texte  détouré SCL.png

The statuses

Vérification du texte sur un document

Our specificity? Collegiality!

All the members of the collegiate council are on the same footing of equality: each of the elected members is thus co-president of the association.
The mandate of the members of the collegiate council is fixed for 1 year, renewable.

General interest recognition 

  • We respond to an object of general interest, the members of the collegial council act as volunteers and therefore do not collect any association projects. The association is open to all without any discrimination. 

  • The object of the association of general interest must be determined before its creation. It can be philanthropic, social, humanitarian, educational, family, cultural or sporting. 

  • A tax benefit is granted to each donation offered by an individual. The recognition of an association of general interest is carried out thanks to an approval delivered by the government.



Pot de don

We talk about it in the media

Le 3 mai 2022

article la butte 1.PNG
article la Butte 2.PNG

Le 26 mai 2023

Le 30 janvier 2024

Our events

galette des rois 2024.png

Samedi 13 janvier 2024

Galette des rois 

Rendez-vous le samedi 13 janvier pour la galette des rois Solidarité Côte des Légendes.


Venez partager ce moment convivial avec les familles et les bénévoles

à 15h

à l'espace rencontre à Plouider


3rd Thursday of the month

Information sharing open to volunteers, sympathizers and curious people.  

Sharing information is this monthly meeting to share information and keep abreast of the news of the association and the refugees we support. 


Come many: it's always a nice moment, there's a lot to do and share!

at 8 p.m. 

Location communicated on Facebook or by email (subscribe to the mailing list)


September 2022, exact date to be defined

Film-debate organized as part of the week of solidarity.

Do you know a film/documentary on the theme of solidarity, reception, migration? 

We are waiting for your movie suggestions for that evening! 


time and place to be defined

Voir l'événement
PNG Invitation AG - Copie.png

Samedi 23 mars 2024

à 9h30

à la salle Balan à la Maison d'Accueil de Lesneven

Assemblée générale 2024 

Une belle occasion de : 
- se retrouver et faire un peu plus connaissance : vos amis sont bienvenus !
- renouveler votre adhésion si ce n’est pas déjà fait ! Payer son adhésion en ligne ici.
- suivre le bilan moral et financier, promis on ne sera pas trop long !
- élire le Conseil Collégial
- échanger sur les thèmes qui nous préoccupent

Pour clôturer la rencontre, pour finir ce moment de partage, un pot de l'amitié vous sera offert !
Nous vous attendons très nombreux ! 😉

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